Un artículo acerca de corrupcion de tps y red...

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Un artículo acerca de corrupcion de tps y red...

Mensaje por luizmarin » Lun Sep 16, 2013 10:31 am

Un artículo interessante acerca de corrupcion de tps y red...

Opportunistic Locking and Read Caching on Microsoft Windows


Improperly configured Windows networks can lead to data corruption in any file system database, including the embedded (DataFlex) database. Two Windows networking behaviors, opportunistic locking (on Windows servers) and read caching (on Windows clients) are sources for corruption potential. This paper is provided for Data Access Worldwide (DAW) customers to discuss these behaviors, their effects and what can be done to minimize the chances of data corruption on Windows networks when running Visual DataFlex (VDF) and/or DataFlex applications, and to centralize this information in one convenient place.

todo el artículo en http://www.dataaccess.com/whitepapers/o ... ching.html
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